June 5 2019, 9 am

Join us at the 7th IPTV/OTT Industry Breakfast at ANGACOM 2019

Thanks for joining the 7th IPTV/OTT Industry Breakfast!

hosted by Ocilion

Winning new TV subscribers
across all age groups

Attract new subscribers with a modern multi-screen IPTV solution, combining innovative features, rich content offerings and OTT services on converged networks.

Operators have to think about an original TV offer in order to keep their existing customers and attract new customers in a fast and competitive market. 

With a modern IPTV service, including premium functionality and high-end content (TV channels and streaming services), network operators become aggregators and can keep their customers, up-sell them, acquire new customers and hold their own against the “big players”. Content providers will gain leverage from new IPTV services through greater reach and more direct customer access.

IPTV is also the driver of fibre-optic expansion and helps to meet and exceed the necessary pre-marketing quotas (especially in competition with satellite).

Meet and discuss your most important topics with fellow experts at the 7th IPTV/OTT Industry Breakfast and together we can brainstorm the next big opportunities for the operator landscape.

7th IPTV/OTT Industry Breakfast – Recap

7th IPTV/OTT Industry Breakfast 2019

Take a look back at the 7th IPTV/OTT Industry Breakfast at ANGA COM 2019

Werner Starz, Discovery

7th IPTV/OTT Industry Breakfast 2019

Discovery’s Werner Starz discusses the best way to bring content to the audience and new launch Home and Garden.

Steve Oetegenn, COO Verimatrix

7th IPTV/OTT Industry Breakfast 2019

Verimatrix COO Steve Oetegenn explains the advantages in delivering IPTV unicast – including security issues.

Hans Kühberger, CEO Ocilion

7th IPTV/OTT Industry Breakfast 2019

Hans Kühberger, CEO, Ocilion, says Restart is of great benefit to operators.